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Membership at

St. Andrew's

We welcome everyone in the Episcopal Church, and you do not have to be a member to join us on a Sunday morning, to receive communion, or to join us for a Christian Formation Class or fun event!

Becoming a member means you are making a deeper commitment to become a disciple of Christ. The path to discipleship revolves around the commitments we make at baptism to Gather, Learn, Give, and Serve.

Interested in becoming a member and deepening your commitment to Christ?

Check out the information below and call or email the Church Office to get started.

Not yet an Episcopalian?

Entry into the church is through the waters of Baptism. If you have not yet been baptized and have questions or a desire to be baptized, set up time with one of our Clergy to discuss.

If you have been baptized, you can be confirmed or received by the Bishop into the Episcopal Church. Contact our office to find out the dates for our upcoming Bishop's visit and how you can be Confirmed or Received.


Already an Episcopalian?

If you are currently a member of another Episcopal Church, you can join St. Andrew's through transfer of letter from your previous parish. Contact our Church Office to facilitate the transfer of your membership.



Access our member directory, communicate with members, and keep track of your giving all in one place.



"All things come of thee, oh Lord"

In the Episcopal Church we respond to the abundance of God by giving our time, talent, and treasure to bring about God's kingdom. 

You can give by placing cash or a check in the plate on Sunday, through mailing a check to the church office, or through our new e-giving system by clicking on the button below.


Memorial Garden

Mandi's Garden was given by the Petway Family in memory of their daughter Mandi, a former student of St. Andrew's Episcopal Day School. St. Andrew's Memorial Garden in Mandi's Garden was dedicated on January 16, 2000. 

Members and former members of St. Andrew's and their immediate families are invited to reserve spaces for the interment of their cremated remains, or memorial spaces, in our Memorial Garden. Please contact the Parish Office for information, or if you'd like to assist with the maintenance of the Garden.


The Foundation

The St. Andrew's Church Foundation was established in 2001. The Foundation is an Endowment Fund which uses proceeds for the advancement of religious, charitable, educational, and any other related or corresponding charitable purposes within its by-laws.

Our goal is the support, enhancement, and continuation of the religious and charitable activities of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Contact the office to find out more about how to apply for a grant or how to contribute.

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